Student Geek Challenge 2021

Are you interested in programming and/or designing, and are you currently an enrolled student? Yes? Then the Geek Challenge is certainly something for you!

We love to see the talents of the next generation of internet professionals do amazing stuff. At Novicell we are geeks! We think it’s cool to be able to build software, utilize platforms and services, and solve real world problems with technology. The last many years, we have, therefore, organized the Geek Challenge where we challenge students like you to show us their programming skills.

For us it’s a great way to meet amazing new colleagues and techies. For you as a student it’s an exciting challenge and an opportunity to showcase your skills.


Two different prizes are given to the developers of the top 3 solutions. First, each developer on the podium will receive a money prize. Second, we would love to see you at our office(s) for a job interview (if you want to). Our arms are always open when it comes to young talents in our field. If you do a good job, you will get the chance to get a good job afterwards!

The Challenge 2021

What’s the Challenge this year?

Suggested sources (pick at least two):

Tech, frameworks and methods

Select a coding weapon of your choice: Node JS/JavaScript, C#, PHP, Java, Rails or whatever. And yes, you are more than welcome to use any kind of external library of your desire.

For all the design/frontend clueless coders: We recommend using a frontend framework or component library instead of spending hours fighting markup & CSS. Not everyone is a User experience expert.


Your submission will be evaluated on these four parameters:

Please notice that:

Take the case!

So… No need to hesitate – let’s get started! Sign up now and show us what you’ve got. Tell us a bit about yourself and submit the form. That's it – get to the drawing table!

Your submission

When your solution is ready, please send a small description of it and attach a zip file containing all your pretty code or link to a Github repo.

Send it to:

DEADLINE is the 16th of May 2021 at 23:59.

PS: We highly recommend adding a demo-URL to make sure it works as intended.

Do you have any questions?

First, take a look underneath. If the FAQ-section didn’t help, feel free to send an e-mail to or ask us via the Facebook-page (Student Geek Challenge). Remember to like the page to stay up-to-date!


Can I participate?
Any student/anyone studying in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain, or the UK can join the challenge. You are allowed to submit your solution as a team (2 max 3 persons).
What kind of technology? (DEV)
Select a coding weapon of your choice: JavaScript, C#, PHP, Java, Rails or whatever. Use the platforms and services you want: FlowXO, Dialogflow, LUIS and toss in some AI if you feel for it.
Who will be the judges?
Adam Peter Nielsen (CTO) will be in charge of the evaluation
How do I submit my solution?
First, you need to sign up. Scroll a bit up if you have not done that yet. If you are all set and ready to submit, do so by zipping your solution and sending it off to
How do I get in touch with Novicell about Geek Challenge?
By sending an e-mail to or via the Facebook-page (Student Geek Challenge). We will get back to you as soon as possible

Behing the scenes – about Novicell

Novicell is a Danish digital consultancy bureau. We create online solutions to support the clients’ businesses - online solutions in every way you can think of it. No matter the type of solution, it is focused on one thing: Online business.