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About student geek challenge

We love to see the talents of the next generation of internet professionals do amazing stuff. At Novicell we are geeks! We think it is cool to be able to build software, utilize platforms and services and solve real world problems with technology. Therefore, the last four years, we have organized Geek Challenge where we challenge student to show us what they’ve got!

It's possible to take the challenge both alone or in a group of max 2 - 3 people. Just remember to write your teammates name when you apply for the challenge.

Talk About With Data

The future of conversations is humanoid and connected to data. Chatbots and Digital Personal Assistance (DPA) are the emerging way for users to engage with data and services.

We challenge you to build a solution that brings data and services into an everyday situation. In the format of a human conversation or interaction. Maybe you have an idea for a Chatbot that helps students find their way around the campus or a DPA that lets you snap a photo of your fridge and tells you need to order. Or maybe the world needs a Tinderbot that can keep the chat going with your matches? The sky's the limit!

Feel free to use the data sources and services you want, including AI. And go ahead and create it for the platforms you want. We don’t judge based on specific technology, frameworks or languages.

Instead we evaluate your submission by the following parameters:

  • Creativity in the solution
  • Engineering skills
  • Simplicity - is it easy to learn and use for a user
  • Application to the real world
  • Quality of robustness
  • Documentation
  • Quality of conversation/Interaction (of the solution)

The solution must at least be testable in English.

Your solution should contain

  • Description of the solution
  • User Story explaining how a user would use the solution
  • Documentation of the solution (diagram of components, services and data and how the are connected)
  • Any source-code that has been created
  • Link to running demo of the solution

By the way: It is ok to submit a half finished project. It is a whole lot better to submit something half finished than submitting nothing. In 2015 the 2nd place was a half finished project.


Bring data and/or services into the context of a human to humanoid conversation

Which leads us to what you can win

First of you would earn a money prize for your hard work. Secondly we would love to see you in our offices for an interview. Our doors are always open to young talents in our field. Do a good job, get a change to get a good job ;-)

Money Prize

The main prize. One thousand glittering euroes and a guaranteed jobinterview in one of our departments.

1.000 EUR

Money Prize

For your hard effort and almost a gold medal. You're close, but no cigar.
Well - a smaller cigar.

200 EUR

Money prize

You did good! Treat yourself nice...

100 EUR

The previous winners are saying ...

faq and behind the scenes

Any student/Anyone studying in Denmark, Spain or the UK can join the challenge.

If you want, you're allowed to submit your solution as a team.

Select a coding weapon of your choice: JavaScript, C#, PHP, Java, Rails or whatever.

Use the platforms and services you want: FlowXO, Dialogflow, LUIS and toss in some AI if you feel like it.

- IT Architect Asger Laursen, Novicell Denmark.

- IoT Expert Leandro Benítez, Novicell Spain.

First of, you need to sign up. Scroll a bit up if you haven't done so.

If you're all set and ready to submit - do so by zipping you solution and sending it of to

Novicell is a digital consultantbureau, who creates online solutions to support the clients businesses - online solutions in every way you can think of it. No matter the type of solution, it's all focused on one thing:
Online Business.

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