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About student geek challenge

We love to see the talents of the next generation of internet professionals do amazing stuff. At Novicell we are geeks! We think it is cool to be able to build software that can handle thousands of visitors - at the same time. Therefore, the last three years, we have organized Geek Challenge (develop) where we challenge student to show us how nerdy it can be!

This year ...

Usually we just invite young devs to the challenge, but this year we've expanded with a design challenge aswell. The lines of the two worlds are more blurry than ever before and we feel it's only fair to see some broader executions. If you're a developer who knows a design (and vice versa) feel free to collaborate on the challenge - you just need to submit your own part.


Design and ui


Build a working commerce implementation. Implement a product, organise products in categories/collections, build a checkout flow (minus payment of course. No phi$hing guys!) We have no special products in mind. Find some fun examples online: T-shirts, hoodies, or maybe a bow tie

The choice of solution, platform and technology is open. We don’t judge based on specific frameworks or languages. This gives you freedom to solve the challenge as website, a smartphone app or something crazy for your TV. Go ahead code something awesome. :)

The development challenge does not require any design or user interface design skills. In this challenge we are evaluating your coding skills, not your design skills. We recommend that you use a free template or copy-paste your layout/UI from somewhere nice. A good sense of aesthetics is however always appreciated.

Your solution should contain

  • Demo and code:
    Submit a link to your project and source.
  • Optional extras
    If you run out of ideas but have time, consider these:
    Store user profiles somewhere. Add product filters on categories. Implement single sign on using Facebook or other SoMe. Build a nice search-as-you-type feature.

By the way: It is ok to submit a half finished project. It is a whole lot better to submit something half finished than submitting nothing. Last year the 2nd place was a half finished projects.

Design and UI

Design a spiffy facebook commerce site. Think the full flow through – frontpage, product lists, product pages and check-out flow. The commerce site has to be within facebooks frames but should be branded and styled as the brand of your own chosing. It could be a known player or something you just come up with.

Decide on platform – desktop, tablet, mobile (app). Design with facebook and what you know about the user in mind. Name, social status, interests, family relations and so on. How can you make a personalized, yet open shopping experience with the person data provided (or not provided).

Show us you have both usability, design and business skills. Show us that you can design a beautiful UI that contains worst case scenario on product explanation, best form of persuasive content and bulletprof, easy to use shopping flow.

Your solution should contain

  • The pitch: Shortly explain your solution
  • Prototyping
    • Show us your workflow
    • Show us your idea generating approach and how you think usability
  • Finalized UI mockup: Show it don’t tell it. Let’s see your pixel perfect skillset
  • Optional (will not be judged)
    • Animated mockups
    • Frontended mockups (explaining the design only – we will not judge your code)

Which leads us to what you can win

First of you would earn a money prize for your hard work. Secondly we would love to see you in our offices for an interview. Our doors are always open to young talents in our field. Do a good job, get a change to get a good job ;-)

Money Prize

The main prize. One thousand glittering euroes and a garantees jobinterview in one of our departments.

1.000 EUR

Money Prize

For your hard effort and almost a gold medal. You're close, but no cigar.
Well - a smaller cigar.

200 EUR

Money prize

You did good! Treat yourself nice...

100 EUR

There will be 3 winners for each challenge

The previous winners are saying ...

faq and behind the scenes

Any student/Anyone studying in Denmark, Spain or the UK can join the challenge.

If you want, you're allowed to submit your solution as a team.

Select a coding weapon of your choice: JavaScript, C#, PHP, Java, Rails or whatever.

And yes, you are more than welcome to use any kind of external library of your desire.

For all the design/frontend clueless coders: We recommend using a frontend framework like Bootstrap or Foundation instead of spending hours fighting HTML+CSS.

- Kim Dolleris, Beneath.

- Adam Peter Nielsen, Novicell.


Your submission will be scored in these categories:

- Overall solution quality
- Creativity
- Code structure and naming scheme
- Solution ruggedness (does it break easily?)


First of, you need to sign up. Scroll a bit up if you haven't done so.

If you're all set and ready to submit - do so by zipping you solution and sending it of to

Novicell is a digital consultantbureau, who creates online solutions to support the clients businesses - online solutions in every way you can think of it. No matter the type of solution, it's all focused on one thing:
Online Business.

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